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 Building Project 

Gurdwara Singh Sabha has undergone construction to extend and refurbish the existing building. The increase in sangat numbers meant the existing Gurdwara building was just not big enough to cater for the current and future sangat. It was therefore decided that bigger and better facilities were needed and the construction to extend and refurbish the existing building was given the go ahead in the summer of 2011. Some project design considerations where outlined below.

  • The new Gurdwara facilities has approximately double the size of the existing darbaar and langar hall, providing adequate space for marriage ceremonies and sikhi camps to take place. 
  • Six new multi-purpose classrooms were formed on the first floor to cope with the increasing number of students and educational demands. Visit the Activities section for more information. 
  • New and improved kitchen, toilet and wash facilities were constructed to a modern standard. 
  • Provisions to cater for the disabled and elderly are now also provided, which include a new lift and better access in and around the Gurdwara.
The following floor plans show the layout of the finished Gurdwara building.
Construction was completed at the begin of 2012.

 Proposed Second Floor Plan

 Proposed First Floor Plan

 Proposed Ground Floor Plan 

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